Safeguarding the Young and Vulnerable


We the people of the Parish of South Yarra aspire to be a community where the care, safety and wellbeing of children and vulnerable persons is a central and fundamental responsibility. 

We are committed to upholding the safety and dignity of each child and young person and ensuring that they are able to grow and develop in a caring and supportive environment in our community.

We are committed to creating a child safe culture in our parish that protects children, young people and the vulnerable, from all forms of abuse.

We are committed to zero tolerance of all forms of child abuse and discrimination, and will always act to safeguard children and young people and report suspected abuse promptly to the appropriate authorities.

We are committed to ensuring that all persons who have, or may have, contact with children and young people recognize their responsibility to safeguard children and young people from abuse and discrimination.

We are committed to reviewing and revising our policies and practices, and training all parish personnel in their responsibilities with regard to safeguarding. 

The Parish of South Yarra hold the care, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as a central and fundamental responsibility of our organisation. Our commitment is drawn from and inherent in the teaching and mission of Jesus Christ, with love, justice and the sanctity of each human person at the heart of the Gospel.



Dear children and young people, your safety and protection
are very important while you are here.
If anything that happens or anything you see or hear worries you,
please tell someone you trust.

Child friendly statement here.

Archdiocesan Safeguarding Code of Conduct may be seen and downloaded here

Contact your local Child Protection Intake provider : 1300 664 977 (Mon-Fri, Business hours) or After Hours Child Protection Emergency Service : 13 12 78

The Augustinians

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To see the new Catholic Archdiocesan Child Safeguarding policies and information please click here:

For more information please consult the Child Safety Documents page.