Parish Pastoral Council

Parish of South Yarra Parish Council 2022

The Parish AGM was held on Sunday 26th March and the Annual Report was presented and adopted  with some minor amendments. An amendment was made to the Constitutions. Five new Council members, Narelle Ivers, Nancy Kuhadas, Joe Herro, Kristopher March and Noel Abaricia, were endorsed.

Newly elected office holders are: Paul Simmons (Chair),  Mary Greene (vice-Chair) Aparna Nirmal Mangaadan (secretary), Mary Greene (assistant secretary)Tony Grant and Stefphy Coosnapa “coordinators’ for the Parish Mission Renewal process.


In August 2022 the Parish Council endorsed a revised Parish Pastoral Plan. The document is an ongoing work in progress given the uncertainty of the times and the imminent discussions about the future structure of the Archdiocese. You may view the document here


The current working document an updated Pastoral Plan may be viewed here.


The South Yarra Parish Pastoral Council first elected in 1970 is one of the oldest in the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

The membership of the Council consists of both ex officio and also elected and nominated representatives. The clergy are ex officio members. Pastoral associates may attend. Parish Committee representatives may attend by nomination and other parishioners are elected as members at the Parish Annual General Meeting.

The role of the Council is:

  • To provide leadership by promoting the concept of Christian community
  • To provide the Parish Priest and the Augustinian community with advice and to represent the views of other parishioners in respect to pastoral matters pertaining to the operations of our parish.
  • To assist our parish leadership in planning for the future needs of the parish
  • To provide practical assistance and support to our parish leadership in day to day pastoral activities
  • To represent the parish in the wider community in both spiritual and secular activities

Council members include both clergy, committee representatives and elected members nominated prior to the Parish Annual General Meeting.

The Council meets regularly throughout the year to devise, plan and review  pastoral programs and parish administration.

The amended and newly-ratified Constitutions of the Parish Council may be found here.