Catholics believe that marriage is a state of life intended by God, in which a man and a woman are called to commit themselves to love each other mutually and exclusively, for their own fulfilment, and for their openness to the birth and nurturing to maturity of children of their own.

It becomes a sacrament of Christian love, and a sign of the union of Christ and the Church, when the solemn commitment of man and woman in marriage takes place in a church to ask God to bless and consecrate the couple in a permanent and faithful union of love.

The heart of the sacrament is the exchange of consent between husband and wife. The priest or deacon’s role is to witness this consent on behalf of the Church, to help the couple to prepare for the marriage, and to celebrate the marriage liturgy with them.

Parishioners who wish to celebrate their marriage in either of our two churches should contact the parish office at least twelve months before the wedding. The church building may also be booked by couples who are not part of the parish, but it is the parish priest of the bride or groom or another priest or deacon who will need to take responsibility for preparing and celebrating the wedding.

For wedding booking, please visit our Wedding booking page.