Liturgical Ministries

“Dear brothers and sisters, the Church loves you!  Be an active presence in the community, as living cells, as living stones.”

Pope Francis

We are all called to serve and care for each other through the different ministries in our parish.


We help in setting up for Mass and other liturgical celebrations as well as in clearing up after the mass. We are also involved in the care for altar linens and sacred vessels.

Flower Arrangers

We prepare the floral arrangements that add to the beauty of our church, that complement Eucharistic and other celebrations, and enhance the quietness for silent prayer.

We aim not for perfection but to use our shared passion and gifts as best we can. We combine our gifts of love and creativity to put together what nature has to offer. As we weave together colourful flowers, leaves and twigs, and whatever else is available, we share laughter, fun and friendship.

We invite members of the parish who are interested to join us. We don’t expect experts, just a willingness to contribute and to express creative flair over a coffee.

We meet on Fridays in the Church Workroom between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm.


We all know that good music and singing can really enhance our participation in the Eucharist. We select the hymns which are appropriate to the Sunday celebrations and we lead the singing at the Masses. We are small groups at each of the three parish Masses and we love to welcome new singers and instrumentalists to swell our numbers and make beautiful music with the congregations.

Community Greeters

We extend a warm welcome to parishioners and visitors as they arrive at the Church entrance. We distribute the Parish Bulletin and we keep an eye out for new faces at our Sunday Masses to make them feel welcome and at home with us.

Ministers of the Word


We introduce the liturgy at the beginning of Mass. Before each of the readings, we give a brief insight into what to listen for, and if the Responsorial Psalm is not sung, we lead it. We also lead the Prayers of Intercession. The commentaries and prayers are prepared for us during the week.


We proclaim the Scripture readings at Mass. As proclaiming the Word of God is one of the core parts of the liturgy, we take time during the week to prepare through prayer and practice.

Eucharistic Ministers

We are trained and commissioned to assist the celebrant with the distribution of Holy Communion.

We see this ministry as a great privilege.

Eucharistic ministers to the Alfred Hospital

Each Sunday two or three of us take Holy Communion to some of the Catholic patients in the Alfred Hospital. It is such a privilege to visit these patients who are listed for us by the Alfred Catholic Chaplain. Most of them are quite ill and some are in hospital for quite some time. They really appreciate our visits. We are well trained for this ministry and authorised to do it by the Alfred Pastoral Care as well as the parish. Training will be provided to those who wish to be involved in this ministry.

Eucharistic ministers to our elderly, frail and sick parishioners

For some of our parishioners, getting to Mass is too difficult. We visit them and take them Holy Communion at home or in our local Aged Care Centres, usually once a week.

If you wish to participate, please sign-up here or contact the Parish Centre for more information.